Intuitive, flexible, powerful web content management

Bring your website to life with content and experiences that engage your visitors. OneWeb is an extensible, standards-based CMS that leverages the performance and scalability of the Microsoft .NET platform.

Easy to use

OneWeb lets you focus on crafting your content instead of learning your CMS.

  • Edit in-page - see how your content appears while you’re editing it
  • Maintain consistent style and layouts with template-based pages
  • Auto-generate site hierarchy & navigation
Mobile ready
Developer friendly

Easy to Use

Web Content Management Features

In-context editing

WYSIWYG Content Editing

Easily integrate your content to create memorable user experiences.

  • True in-page editing with spell check shows you how your content will appear as you integrate it
  • Publish content immediately or schedule for specific dates and times
  • Template-based pages maintain consistent style and layouts
  • Tree View provides an interactive report of all pages in your hierarchy
  • Full publishing history lets you rollback your content to earlier versions
  • Sitemap and breadcrumbs update automatically with navigation changes
Content + Social Media

Content & Social Media

Connect your content with all your digital platforms to get the most from user engagements.

  • Create RSS feeds from anywhere on your site
  • In-page content integration of videos, Twitter feeds, slideshows, blogs, Facebook commenting, and more
  • Create and manage short marketing URLs with Aliases
  • Built-in tools for sharing pages via social media and email
  • Full featured media manager lets you easily add and manage images, videos, and documents

User Management

Collaborate with and empower your users to help them work effectively and efficiently.

  • Support for multiple user access levels (i.e. editor, publisher, administrator)
  • User permissions set at the site, section or page  level
  • Check-in / check-out system for  multiple, concurrent editors
  • Workflow tools:  preview staged content before publishing, attach notes, email notifications and to do lists
  • User logon and activity audit reports
Mobile & Responsive

Responsive & Mobile

Develop consistency and confidence for your content across all platforms.

  • Full compatibility with responsive or device-driven templates
  • Automatically direct mobile users to an experience formatted or their device
  • Test responsive layouts with customizable preview options
Content & Social Media - RSS Feed Creation

Metadata & Search

Leverage the best of SEO to attract visitors to your content.

  • Search content with built-in functionality or easily integrate 3rd party tools like Google Search
  • Search engine listings stay up to date with automated XML sitemaps
  • Add keyword, author, date and other metadata tags to any content
  • Optimize site-search results by applying keywords and synonyms to pages
  • Improve SEO with customized title tags, meta tags and friendly URLS for each page

Developer Ready

Surpass today’s expectations and be ready for tomorrow’s needs.

  • Standards compliance for accessibility and markup (i.e. W3C WCAG, HTML5, CSS)
  • Full separation of content, markup, and style (database / HTML5 / CSS)
  • SSL Encryption Support
  • Multi-site support / ability to host multiple sites from a single administration area
  • Software upgrades without maintenance window
  • Snippets provide the ability to easily integrate third party widgets
  • Safemode prevents page elements from rendering to remedy incorrectly pasted code snippets
  • One-step Google Analytics integration
  • 'Includes' feature lets you add Feed, Header, Link, Literal, Meta, ScriptBlock, Stylesheet, XML namespace, and more code to pages, templates or the entire site.
Show all features

If that wasn’t enough, have a look at the full feature set that makes OneWeb the CMS you’ve been looking for.

  • Ability to select an appropriate template (layout) based on content type
  • Easily add/edit content anywhere on a page (header, footer, multiple columns, etc.)
  • Ability to share content elements between multiple pages
  • Ability to customize the title, URL, link text, and other metadata for individual pages
  • Supports management with multiple web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome)
  • Ability to syndicate content from other sources (i.e. RSS & XML feeds)
  • Multi-language support
  • Support for multiple user access levels (i.e. editor, publisher, administrator)
  • Ability to set access level on specific pages
  • Ability to check pages in / out (support for multiple concurrent users)
  • Support for publishing workflow (i.e. staging content for review, email notifications)
  • Preview content in context before publishing
  • Ability to schedule content publishing
  • WYSIWYG editor for content
  • HTML editor for content
  • Spell check for content
  • WYSIWYG form creation tool
  • Version history and rollback of content
  • Upload media (images, documents, video) without FTP
  • Ability to generate CMS activity audit reports
  • Automatically generated site map / index page / breadcrumbs
  • Built-in content search
  • Support for print style sheets
  • Supports standards compliance for accessibility and markup (i.e. W3C WCAG, HTML5, CSS)
  • Ability to have multiple nested pages
  • Ability to define whether pages appear within navigation menus, sitemap, and search results
  • Contextual help available inside the CMS software
  • Auto generation of RSS feeds from content
  • Ability to include blog type content
  • Ability to re-organize pages within the site
  • Full Separation of content, markup, and style (database / HTML5 / CSS)
  • SEO Friendly URLS (non dynamically linked)
  • Automatic generation of sitemap.xml (for SEO)
  • SSL Encryption Support
  • API for developing add-ons
  • Multi-site support / ability to host multiple sites from a single administration area
  • Error Trapping and Logging
  • Software upgrades without maintenance window
  • Keyboard shortcuts in authoring tool
  • UTF-8 Support for foreign character sets
  • Ability to integrate third party search tools (i.e. Google)
  • Built in tools for sharing pages via social media and email
  • Mobile device support
  • Snippets provide the ability to easily integrate third party widgets
  • Safemode prevents page elements from rendering to remedy incorrectly pasted code snippets
  • Aliases allow users to create and manage short marketing urls
  • Sitemap and breadcrumbs are automatically updated
  • Full control of important page and url data to help improve rankings and attract search traffic
  • Automated xml sitemap so search engines have up to date information about your web content
  • Integrate with Google Analytics in one step
  • Easy to connect users to social media content
  • In-page integration of YouTube videos, Twitter feeds, Flickr slideshows and Google Maps
  • Use RSS to create a feed of any section of your website or create feeds of media such as audio for podcasts

Apps. Right out of the box.

Show your visitors you’re ready for them with apps ready for you. OneWeb CMS lets you choose from over 20 core application modules to add to your site.

Event Calendar

Event Calendar

Keep all of your visitors in the know – manage and display interactive, searchable events in a calendar format.


Tag Cloud

Group related content and pages within your site with filter options based on custom keyword tags like author, year, or month

Job Listings

Job Postings

A simple and efficient way to add to your team – post jobs then accept and manage applications directly on your site.

Quick Poll

Quick Poll

Discover and engage your visitors – create and add surveys to gain valuable insights and gauge opinions.

Membership Profile


Provide your customers, suppliers or employees with a password-protected area of your site to view exclusive content or manage documents.


Social Media Integration

Connect your content with the social web – add the latest social media widget to your site: Twitter and Facebook integration, blogs, commenting, and more.

Image Gallery

Image Gallery

Add custom photo galleries – choose from a selection of styles and sizes. Upload multiple files in a queue with captions, geo-location, and auto-tagging for Google Analytics tracking.


RSS Listings

Create an RSS feed for all kinds of content – news, events, jobs and more. Aggregate up to 5 individual RSS feeds in one listing and syndicate on your site.


Forms Builder 

Generate any type of form for your website with the WYSIWYG tool that lets you drag and drop form fields. Prevent SPAM with built-in CAPTCHA validation.

Out of the box

OneWeb CMS ships with over 20 core applications depending on your configuration. Each app can be used alone or with others to showcase the most common features of modern web sites from Twitter and Facebook integration to events, job postings, and photo galleries.

Beyond the box

For more specific needs, OneWeb CMS can also be extended using its application framework.

Many enhancements, like OpenGraph metadata or social media widgets can be handled using OneWeb CMS’s new Includes orSnippets features. If your needs are more elaborate, you can easily create custom OneWeb CMS apps. How easy? Any .NET application built using .NET user controls can be directly integrated as a managed application. With a little additional effort, you can leverage the OneWeb CMS Application API to extend the basic .NET functionality and integrate OneWeb CMS features like extranet, single sign-on, friendly URLs, analytics and SEO directly into your applications. From big to small, custom OneWeb CMS applications have been built to serve every business need.

OneWeb Customers

OneWeb CMS is a trusted and flexible ASP .NET Web Content Management System. Find out what the OneWeb customers have to say about their experiences.


  • Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
  • Atlantic Institute for Market Studies
  • Assn. of Prof. Engineers & Geoscientists of NB
  • Atlantic Industries Limited
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada
  • CAN-med Healthcare
  • Centre for Women in Business
  • City of Saint John “OneWeb’s flexibility allows our development team to build our own apps and integrate them within our website.”
    City of Saint John
  • Clearwater Seafoods Limited “We find it easy to update our website and OneWeb’s Client Service is helpful if we’re ever in a jam.”
    Clearwater Seafoods Limited
  • Cox and Palmer
  • Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation
  • Data Wiring Solutions
  • Doctors Nova Scotia “OneWeb’s Extranet feature allows our members to securely access member information and resources”
    Doctors NS
  • Emera
  • Emera Newfoundland
  • Emera Utility Services
  • Empire Company
  • Enbridge Gas New Brunswick
  • FUSION Halifax
  • Grand Bahama Power
  • Greater Halifax Partnership
  • Greater Moncton International  Airport
  • Halifax Global
  • Hardt Equipment Manufacturing
  • High Liner Foods
  • ICE Awards
  • IMP Group

  • MacLellan and Moffatt Financial Inc.
  • Mariner Innovations"OneWeb CMS is intuitive and flexible. We use OneWeb CMS for all of our websites and have found the support team very responsive."
    Marie Jo Thibault
  • Maritime Inns & Resorts

  • MHPM Project Managers
  • Mocean Dance
  • Mount Saint Vincent University“OneWeb offers excellent value.”
    Donna Forbes

  • NB College of Craft and Design
  • Nova Scotia Power
  • Nova Scotia Business Inc.
  • NSCAD University

  • PolyCello
  • Property Valuation Services Corporation

  • SNC-Lavalin
  • Stewart McKelvey
  • Trade Centre Limited“OneWeb’s flexibility allows us to have customized event calendar apps that fit our marketing strategy”
    Erin Esiyok-Prime
  • Truefoam Limited
  • Westmont Hospitality Group

OneWeb Support

OneWeb CMS is seriously easy to use, but sometimes everyone can use a little assistance. We’re here to help:

OneWeb is seriously easy to use, but if you find yourself in need of assistance try one of these options:

1. Our dedicated Client Service team is available to existing OneWeb clients, and can be reached by phone or email.

  • 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. AST Monday to Friday; after hours support can be arranged
  • OneWeb CMS end user support is free of charge for all valid Software Maintenance Plan holders
  • Professional Service requests requiring designer or developer attention are billed at a standard service rate of $125/hour.
  • All service and support requests are ticketed and placed in a priority queue
  • Support includes any of the out-of-the-box apps or one we've custom-built for you

2. Visit the OneWeb help site

  • To access while logged into OneWeb, click the (?) in the top right corner
  • Filled with step-by-step instructions covering common tasks & concepts 

3. Book a training session for basic or advanced OneWeb content management

  • Customized around your site and applications
  • 1-on-1 or fill a classroom

4. Book a developer session to learn how to build new sites and apps on OneWeb

Software Maintenance Plan

Take advantage of our easy and affordable plan to ensure OneWeb CMS is up-to-date and fully supported. With our Software Maintenance Plan, you’ll benefit from continuous product improvements and access to all software upgrades designed to keep OneWeb running with maximum security, compatibility, and efficiency.

System Requirements

OneWeb CMS is a native ASP.NET 4.0 Content Management System that leverages the performance and scalability of the Microsoft .NET platform.

OneWeb CMS 7 is our latest version. The Installation QuickStart outlines the minimum requirements for getting OneWeb CMS 7 up and running as a new website using Internet Information Services (IIS) on a Microsoft Windows Server with a Microsoft SQL Server database. Administrative access to the server is required to install OneWeb CMS 7, along with the required technical knowledge to configure this hosting platform.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 2008R2, or 2012 (with the latest Service Pack)
  • Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.x or 8
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (with the latest Service Pack)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008, or 2008R2 (with the latest Service Pack)
  • An SMTP server must be accessible from the web server for the workflow notification, form auto-responses, and password reset functionality.
  • For site administration, the current and prior major release of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, or Internet Explorer 8 through 11.

Recommended minimum hardware: 2 GHz dual-core CPU, 4 GB RAM, 500 MB disk space

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About OneWeb CMS

MODE office 5777 West Street at night
OneWeb CMS is a creation of MODE based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Toronto, Ontario. In 2003, we set out to create an easy to use content management system that was flexible, powerful and provided the best user experience possible for our clients. With that, OneWeb CMS was born.